Xing Zhaobin of general manager of limited company of home appliance 上海闵行区水磨会所电话of group of Shandong small duck Li Peigang of vise general manager of limited company of home appliance of group of small duck of     Shandong moderates Han Kejiang of minister of department of market of limited company of home appliance of group of small duck of     Shandong undertakes be tastinged newly pushing exhibiting explaining     today, small duck home appliance is tasted newly recommend 上海会所论坛最新and area cent is sold can hold in Lai overgrown with 上海油压按摩会所论坛weeds. Masses net Jinan on March 22 dispatch today, small duck h上海在哪儿可以泡洋妞ome appliance is tasted newly recommend and area cent is sold can hold in Lai overgrown with weeds. It is reported, before beginning to reach 51 from today, small duck home appliance holds the section that differs in the whole nation 5 to be tasted newly recommend meeting, aim to recommend small duck to countrywide agent and agency sex of foundation of 2018 year share product. As a station that recommends a product, the agent that comes from and other places of Shandong, Heibei and partial Shanxi, Henan, Inner Mongolia and cent sell business to be able to understan闵行哪有男士spad the new product of small duck home上海市龙凤419 appliance 奉贤 南桥 桑拿 js kjthrough exhibit上海徐汇油压攻略 ing, new function, new characteristic, know relevant sale policy. After the conference ends, visiting product of the agent that comes from each district, agency, order goods dozen of money, participate red bag lottery, 10-20 of small duck group theres is no lack of in the person that order year cooperative business. Last to lunch time, the impetus that order still is not decreased, many businessmen are to carry cash to order more. Xing Zhaobin of general manager of limited company of home appliance of group of Shandong small duck says, small duck acquires the property of product of electric home appliances



   opens the 30 thousand home appliance of smooth rice edition appropriate home, report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an em上海会所一般都有什么服务ployee to his employe爱上海北京同城论坛发帖r or a tenant-peasant to his landlord should reframe the line leaves month of   3 of Kong Lu of reporter of hypostatic inn    20 days, report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord was held in Beijing ” set sail new j上海玩外国妞的地方ourney ode can start tomorrow ” after    of 2018 strategies news briefing becomes coun上海虹口桑拿会所论坛try’s biggest home appliance shopkeeper, the home applia上海外卖私人工作室 浦东nce business east is in Beijing of electric business tycoon to razzia at high speed below the line.    this, beijing east the home appliance that those who want a challenge is a tradition sells greatly.    reporter of the first finance and economics learns, beijing the super experience inn that Dongzhengji delimits in line of just a little the city opens an above of 30 thousand square metre. 2018, first area of above of 30 thousand square metre ” report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord is super experience inn ” will be in big city of a gleam of is pilot do business, advocate dozen ” scale is the largest ” , ” the product is the most complete ” and ” be enmeshed experience ” .    besides the appropriate home that opens home appliance edition in city of line of just a little, report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord will continue to accelerate this year fall to the line permeate, the measure of brand shop of villages 上海水磨场2019and towns that plans report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord w上海水磨工作室24小时as added 2018 reach 15000, cover the throughout the country all counties.    although sales revenue of a year has broken through report of闵行油压、spa馆 Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two, but as Beijing east the group is senior vice-president, Beijing east electronic entertainment career group of Yan Xiaobing angst of the president is home appliance industry in be faced with ” person, goods, field ” be in the age that produces tremendous change, still cannot transform in time to fraction the person of the same trade of thinking means, he expresses: “This times asks we abandon rapidly the thought that rich weichis, with a kind more open and more included state of mind goes accepting new change and opportunity. ” the instantly that collective of business of cable of    of home of appropriate of edition of    layout home appliance moves toward a line to fall, the channel of report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord sinks the strategy is being quickened ceaselessly.    receives marvellous Yan Xiaobing to become report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord to hold the post of newly ” palm door person ” Liu Jun more be used to is idiomatic ” run quickly madly quickly ” the expression that will describe business of channel of cable of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord a few years this. The data that report of    Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to 上海本地龙凤自荐女his landlord provides shows, from the first Beijing east side service inn opens business, in countrywide county to 2017 town village leaves gave brand shop of report of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his l上海闵行维也纳水磨会所an黄浦区spa会所dlord of nearly 8000 Beijing. Before    cut solstice, brand shop of report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord has enclothed 600 thousand 25 thousand villages and towns of countrywide of area of 100% provincial administration, administrative village. On the 2018 strategies news briefing that report of    Beijing a form of address f上海水磨娱乐会所是什么意思ormally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord held上海龙凤1314 shlf a few days ago, liu Jun discloses, report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord will regard the brunt channel that extends 4~6 line and rural mar上海浦东丝袜按摩ket as to be advanced continuously brand shop of report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord 2018, the plan promotes 15000 door inn amount, sale raises 5 times than 2017, cover the throughout the country the county of 100% , let consumer of more and out-of-the-way villages and towns also can be bought with the product of high quality home appliance with big indiscriminate city of a gleam of.    to city of a gleam of, report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord hold back wears to be enrolled greatly.    is regarded as this by strategy of channel of cable of Beijing a form of address formally used by an e上海会所全套包含哪些mployee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord ” king blast ” existence is actually in making progress secretly ” report of Beijing a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord is super experience inn ” . Reporter of the first finance and economics understands    , 2018, advocate dozen ” scale is the largest ” , ” the product is the most complete ” and ” be enmeshed experience ” concept.  &#x3000



Annual double 46558 11, the price of superhigh privilege, overflow is attracting people insanity to buy buy, the product with those discount great strength often was grabbed at 0 o’clock too and empty, missed double 46558 11 never mind, 189696 days of cats are super brand day but scarcely can be missed. On March 27, division 98159 Wo Si day of super brand of 189696 days of cats 66954 will 上海 闵行 水疗raid, this is to be belonged to only division 98159 of Wo Si double 11, favourable strength is compared double 11 stronger exp杨浦区spa有哪些店lode, price bottom line one low again low. Friend circle explodes a treasure of ground of intelligence of black science and technology of a DD35 that 2017 pairs of a S, 11 sell like hot cakes exceed 130 thousand, 2018 year DJ35, product of much money public praise already f杨浦区桑拿店ire alls over entire netwo上海按摩娱乐会所哪家好rk, think the money that where to buy buys which, do not buy evening early, just be worth to buy now, the price has many after all low, product after 上海油压体验论坛all much material benefit, see you know. Year is tasted newly — science and technology of   of ground treasu上海油压干磨足浴论坛re DJ35 is in from beginning to end p上海奉贤柘林按摩推油rogress, kewosi sweeps the floor robot nature also cannot lag behind, kewosi 2018 brand-new the DJ35 that appear on the market is the product that a such science and technology feel full. “Have an eye ” , ” can think ” DJ35 of divis上海闸北指压按摩 2019上海哪有指压ion Wo Si, the navigation system of Smart Eye vision that exceeds wisdom with its is detonated sweep the floor robot intelligence upsurge, those who want to allow a machine sweep the effect to rival artificial, must let a robot ” quite clever ” . Of coping of DJ35 of division Wo Si photograph can scan ceaselessly like the head the household environment inside house, scan at the same time, think at the same time, pla2019上海油压店中山北路n at the same time, make a the most perfect clean way, navigation system of vision of tie-in Sma上海徐汇区水疗spart Eye, let a robot can along optimal path, absolutely impartiality moves the ground completes clean work, wisdom save worry. Current, DJ35 of division Wo Si books a quantity to had exceeded 20 thousand, 10 yuan can be booked, after booking, class brand day exceeds to was bought that day in Kewosi need 1699 yuan only, still obtain give hold cleaner, curing is colour of green plant suit, brilliant transparent boiler multiple good manners. Clean actual strength is sent —   of ground treasure DD35 sweeps the floor the robot can be swept already can pull ability to go to the lavatory again! Smooth meeting pulls the ground to still be not worth enough, procrastinating neatly to still do not take water floodwater on low-lying land just is perfect!奉贤南桥大型水疗会所 DD35 of treasure of ground of division Wo Si sweeps the floor the robot understands already so namely ” sweep ” understand again ” wet procrastinate ” sweep the floor robot, give water even, procrastinating to work namely namely is the advantage with the most distinct DD35. What the robot embarks is brand-new accuse to shed a technology, essence of life controls water to measure water d上海品茶网efinitely fast, water quantity is adjustable, quantity giving water is controlled by you completely, water is measured not out of control, procrastinate neatly, procrastinate so that do not leave a mark. Such one can realize wisdom wet procrastinate sweep the floor robot, cost price 1899 yuan, exceed class brand day at Kewosi, present price needs 1499 yuan only, get certificate to book into inn decrease 50 yuan again, in one’s hand valence needs 1449 yuan only! Have Kang Ning more 6 are covered, TEK is wireless knife of pottery and porcelain of the cleaner that do not have a rope, raw assembly parts, high-quality goods multiple good manners photograph sends, history go up the strongest favourable strength, get Shu Xin to let you buy only, use happily. Does public praise explode paragraph — ground Bao Duo price of sex of S   freeboard compares sweep the floor is the robot what kind of? It is to sweep t奉贤区南桥两号spahe public praise that pulls an organic whole to explode of course paragraph — Kewoside Bao Duo S sweeps the floor robot, laded of system of La Jingqing clean a S, with its distinctive the function procrastinates after be being swept first, let cleanness one pace reachs the designated position, bring a surprise to a lot of family, exceed strong clean capacity, accomplished Kewosi the superexcellent public praise of a S, a lot of user is counter-purchased again and again, oneself used save worry, give kin the friend closer. 3.27 divisions day of brand of Wo Sichao class, originally 1499 yuan a S, need 1139 yuan only at the moment! Before wanting to show shortly to engrave only toward Kewosi store of day cat flagship is booked first, can obtain Le Koule to buckle last box, raw ass2019最新上海419龙凤embly parts ceremony bag, overflow is elegant three-piece suit of knife of pottery and porcelain multiple good manners, more organic meeting smokes TEK A10 of the wireless夜上海ysh论坛 cleaner that do not have a rope. Exceed high quality product, need to exceed low case to be able to be taken only. The activity is become



[blue science and technology] the “ during air conditioning of soft wind of cool feeling of dishwasher of rice of Wen Lan cloud and TCL became AWE is additional松江悦泉spa会所 kind of leading role ” . Enter 2018, the ” of “ eavesdrop wind and cloud of 92440 home appliance industries of Chinese cries gong battle. Shanghai AWE is exhibited during the meeting, beautiful group is aimed at be suspected of上海楼风三通女 encroaching oneself the cloud rice of 48142 intellectual property is embedded air conditioning o上海娱乐水磨哪家服务好f soft wind of c嘉定spa美女ool feeling of dishwasher and TCL undertakes thought fors the time being. Data shows, end by 2017, beautiful investigate administration and criminal to make false case 203 cases in all, among them factory case 23, strong hit the fountainhead that make a holiday; Investigate and deal with sb in all criminal case 34, capture 44 people, assume criminal responsibility 35 people; The spot seizes sham product 83993, spare parts and brand label stick 249031; Case of brand tort claim for compensation adds up to put on record 974, end a case 1020, the group always throws 7.64 million yuan. This is the one half step that beautiful protection strides on 48142 intellectual property only. Although afore-mentioned AWE are removed,exhibit incident to hang in the balance, but this battle divulges the signal that come out makes clear, the patent consciousness of 92440 home appliance course of study of Chinese is strengthened apparently. Maintain o上海最新油压论坛neself commercial interest through patent, had positive effect to commercial environment already, protected intellectual property, also promoted the initiative that industry science and technology innovates. If encroach the thing of intellectual property to come easily, harm上海龙凤419 is the greatest is devoted and much labor power, material resources and financial capacity have fundamental technology the enterprise of research and innovation. What use rights and interests of patent technology defend beautifully to come is moment. On March 13, plan of s上海乌克兰外菜会所tructural reorganization of the State Council refers plan to show, plan to establish bureau of national intellectual property afresh. According to people network coverage, shen Changyu of director of bureau of national intellectual property expresses, accelerate as what industrial transition upgrades, the company is right of patent technology change apply also take seriously more and more, intellectual property bureau also is reformed from what deepen intellectual property rights and interests to allocate a mechanism continuously, the operation system that accelerates construction and perfect intellectual property and operation platform, promote intellectual property energetically concentrated model industrial development pushs relevant work. The draft resolution that the Li Jinbo of director of center of innovation上海荤场ktv过程 of air conditioning of group family expenses that the internationalization of beauty of patent protection convoy is elected as delegate of countrywide National People’s Congress, beauty first is during two meetings with intellectual propert上海 按摩保健 荤场y closely related. Be in this ” about better the proposal that uses intellectual property system to promote transition of Chinese manufacturing industry to upgrade ” in draft resolution, li Jinbo’s bright viewpoint is, hope perfect legislation protects intellectual property further, want to let an enterprise realize the interests of intellectual property, encourage while the 会所水磨和干磨啥意思technology innovates, the person that want pair of tort makes corresponding punishment. Accelerate as beautiful globalization pace, intellectual property has made the important one ring in beautiful internationalization process, this also is the content with Chinese enterprise indispensable internationalization. Enhance the backside of intellectual property consciousness上海楼凤, the stands in the market with technical drive forward position that is the United States, this will increase the ply that beautiful technology innovate闵行男士spa会所s further, add chip for beautiful internationalization. On the other hand, beautiful internationalization must want to learn to u上海洗浴中心全套价格se intellectual property weapon. No matter be Microsoft, apple or SamSung, the tycoons of science and technology of globalization, metropolis often ” of big stick-means of intimidation of “ of technology of the patent since brandish, will assure technical innovation and global competition ability with this. This is the one pace that any internati松江环城路桑拿onalization enterprise must span. The enterprise of true internationalization must want to have enough intellectual property co上海水磨会所出勤名单nsciousness, want to learn use statute weapon, to tort person say not, this also is pair of partner, responsible to investor. During two meetings, the concerns with intellectual property proposal that Li Jinbo submits, it is the height that the station innovates in national science and technology actually, the strike that has for all enterprises and breathe out. “ the last few years comes, chinese invention patent applies for to measure a row whole world the first, build favorable environment to innovate, obtain remarkable result. But compare with Euramerican nation posture, innovation of Chinese science and technology still is put in particular problem, for instance base



3, home appliance 39587 ind上海会所排名名称大全ustries: Consumption upgra阿拉爱上海aishedes2019des the trend is highlighted recently home appliance board piece integral performance is better, look 全国龙凤信息论坛on one hand from outstanding achievement data, annals reachs one quarterly reports to already was announced in succession end, outstanding achievement of home appliance enterprise grows steadily, home appliance appeared on the market 2017 profit of company average gross earnings, net grows 30.28% compared to the same period respectively, 38.39% , relatively added last year fast all have apparent promotion;2018 year average first quarter gross income grows 20.49% compared to the same period, add fast put delay somewhat,上海贵族宝贝交流群 gzbb.pro net profit grows 24.10% compared to the same period, with photograph comparing rose significantly last year. On the other hand from appraise the value looks, home appliance board piece after the adjustment that experienced the near future, part the value already returned to an appraise reas虹口区还开着的桑拿onable interval上海419龙凤桑拿论坛, outstanding achieveme上海 干磨nt welcomes bigger growth to good闵行区水磨会所论坛 bibcock enterprise hopeful continuously. The bibcock that suggests attention outstanding achievement is dovish, the: of relevant mark?  bilking collect twists ⑶ express of announcement of the card in? of evil spirit Qian of Ling of  of 6  ⒒ announces lament Chinese in time appear on the market company announcement, provide information of announcement newspaper space of a whole page, authoritative ” in card 10 ” news, to appearing on the market greatly again company announcement undertakes unscrambling. Negotiable securities of Chin上海油压店2019qq群照片a of small letter of gov上海 荤场 游戏ernment of newspaper of Chinese negotiable securities signs up for statement of net of the card in legal person small gain: Every this net makes clear ” origin: Net of the card in · of newspaper of Chinese negotiable securities ” all work, copyright all belongs to Chinese negotiable securities newspaper, medium card net. Net of the card in · of newspaper of Chinese negotiable securities and work author combine statement, any organizations sign up for without Chinese negotiable securities, in written accredit must not reprint card net and author, extract and compile or use other means to use afore-menti水磨和干磨什么意思oned work. Every the work that this net makes clear origin to be not Chinese negotiable securiti上海好的桑拿es to sign up for net of the card in · , all reprint from othe浦东哪个洗浴有全套r media, it is better to reprint a purpose to depend on service reader, pass information need, do not represent 闵行区尚spathis net approval its viewpoint, this net also incorrect its authe上海kb名店蓝月亮nticity is responsible, dissent person should hold the right with primary source unit.



(Dispatch of research center of 105118 electrons business affairs) annual ” 618 ” season of great urge of 41248105118 cable business is coming, include capital east, day cat, Su Ning is bought easily, national beautiful Internet, Netease take an examinat上海spa男士ion ofing pulls the sea to buy 闵行佳丽国际洗浴桑拿wait for 41248 cable business in succes上海普陀徐汇桑拿会所sion open ” 618 ” great urge. As each old traditional brand get an electric shock in succession, and the public praise that brand goods comes on commodity character and service for years is accumulated, brand merchandise will make the mainstream goods that c2017上海会所扫黄现金onsumer buys during great urge. However, the just a little of petty gain of inn of paper towel net that one box is the same as a brand 10 yuan? 1/3 a price of inn of 259556 dress net that is the same as a paragraph with the brand is hypostatic inn price? One sees the television price like be like differ 1000 yuan, does actually model need a number only? This backside is a brand ” electric business 57658 offer only ” in ” hanky-panky ” . Show according to statistic of research center of electronic business affairs, at present ” electric business 57658 offer only ” product category is rich, main ” conceal ” take at the shoe, box bag, 108251 home appliance, Wei Yu, paper is tasted wait for commodity category. Gain ground as what the net buys, no matter be 108251 home appliance, 259556 dress, still be water of number, wine, many consumer choose to be bought on the net. A lot of consumer express, “Almost same thing, the petty gain on the net a lot of ” , especially a few ” report decides plate making ” , indicate to be configured than the commodity of money of line similarly hereinafter taller. Besides the difference of the price, “Is electri上海哪家夜总会荤场c business custom-built edition ” with ” edition of inn of the substance below the line ” what still is distinguished? “Is electric business custom-built edition ” if sell the home institute,say really ” hire without inn is the price so substantial ” ? Is carry out of home appliance net cheaper? Jerry cost is low a 3 door freezer, 4000 yuan sell to come forward on the line, and an e上海哪里有水磨服务xterior almost exactly like expensive however give nearly 2000 yuan. Introduction of hypostatic inn salesm干磨和水磨的区别an says, general report decides the edition below plate making and line can be in a few crucial places to have distinction, for instance the epispastic layer ply of freezer. Epispas现在上海还有哪里可以做油压 tic layer is the stuff that heat preservation effect has in freezer, cost is very high, the cost of the epispastic material of a freezer arrives in 200 yuan normally 500 yuan of above, to reduce cost, report decides plate making can use a few thinner epispastic layer normally. If common edition is epispastic layer 5cm, report decides plate making uses 3.5cm. “Do not look down upon 1 centimeter this many, the heat preservation function of freezer has very big distinction, affect the many sided performance such as the re闵行区尚spafrigeration of freezer, specific power consumption. ” and go up in face plate and backboard, the edition below the line and report decide the freezer of plate making also has distinction. The armor plate阿拉爱上海 验证普陀 quality of the edition below the line is better, do manual work is more careful, electric business edition is not to use plastic board replace, the stencil steel that needs a上海闸北指压按摩 2019上海哪有指压 bit with quality do manual work namely is replaced. More those who let a person want上海樱花格spa to be less than is, also have even both of power supply cord the difference, sell a medium power supply cord to be 170cm for instance, report decides plate making may have 150cm only. In addition, condition of peaceful wave discrepancy examines one of quarantine bureau detects discovery, “Electric business offers only ” have 125279 cats dirt: What different channel buys is nominal beautiful C21-RH2133S is muti_function electromagnetism furnace, designation of the exterior, function is same, but the net buys electromagnetism oven a few less than line nam闵行干磨300群e of the donor electric equipment component; The pine of same type issues cleaner, what the diameter of cleaner suction inlet that the net buys falls than the line unexpectedly is small 10 millimeter. The net buys difference of quality of the dress that be the same as a paragraph to very much more investigation shows, buy 20 groups of lines to leave the dress shoe with electric business edition respectively kind, average price difference is 127.25 yuan below the line on the line, price difference rate is 17.9% . And in the in福州金山桑拿2018 detecting discovery to a group of dress, functional sex dress, the l上海后花园1314 qianhuaine on the line falls to agree basically, accord with qualitative check standard. The sample below the line of common dress accords with national level entirely, but quality of the dress on the line nots allow hopeful, 3 nets buy issue of quality of existence of the dress on the line.



On June 8 morning, branch of Chongqing of beautiful retail holding company holds the country press conference, declare will be started in the round on June 15 ” section of home appliance of intelligence of first organisms’ habits of Chongqing town 松江樱花足浴kb小杜” , last to June 25, at the appointed time Chongqing citizen can go to Chongqing country beauty glamour of home appliance of intelligence of general view zoology. On the meeting, business affairs appoint Xu Wei of deputy director general views a speech for Bencihui, chen Yunlong of Chongqing country beautiful general manager ” section of home appliance of intelligence of first organisms’ habits of Chongqing town ” make detailed introduction. Standing executive vise general manager holds headquarters of sale of the Zhang Hua of general manager of limited company of sale of home appliance of Er of sea of Xie Fei of beautiful general manager of center of business affairs of Chongqing of group home sale, Chongqing, group that achieve dimension concurrently Bao Zijiang of Chongqing branch general manager all appear on the stage to make a speech. Business affairs appoint business affairs of Li Ling of chief inspector of business of 3C of limited company of electric equipment of beauty of state of city of Chongqing of Xu Yuchun of chief inspector of business of home appliance of limited company of beautiful electric equipment of state of city of Chongqing of Chen Yunlong of general manager of limited company of beautiful electric equipment of state of city of valuable Chongqing of Xu of deputy director上海会所论坛交流 general’s beautiful Chongqing of group home sale, spot of news briefing of Bao Zijiang of Chongqin阿拉爱上海同城对对碰论坛g branch general manager group the h全国mm信息聚凤阁igh speed that Ying Hui a gathering of things or people accompanies economy develops, domain of innovation of science and technology has new breakthrough ceaselessly. In Internet dri上海徐汇区spa推荐ve, artificial intelligence is entering masses field of vision, terminal wisdom is changed, household intelligence changes the important way that has made prospective living. Big data shows, intelligent market will rise every year with the speed of 10 times, intelligence lives in the popularity rate in the market to also be climbed in synchronism litre. This is meant, in market of whole big China, intelligent household or a very huge La Hai market that are being dug. And in intelligent household, how to prevent with intelligent illume, family again, sound of image of intelligent home appliance, intelligence holds larger market share. Of the change that faces the market and consumption upgrade, intelligent home appliance becomes people to seek the one link with character indispensable life. Face 上海莞式水磨服务图片the multifarious, uneven product on market, how to choose to buy, how to buy cozily was at ease the problem that current customer has a headache most. Serve as retail industry get army, the trailblazer of home appliance industry, national beautiful combination is beautiful, clique of force of dragon of sea letter, division, division, Europe, long rainbow, TCL, achieve Er of dimension, sea, appearance below sound, beautiful water chestnut, SamSung, 3 ocean, pine, just too, time, Smith, Little Bear, roll out jointly ” section of home appliance of intelligence of first organisms’ habits of Chongqing town ” . According t全套水磨和干磨的区别o sponsorring Introduction Fang Guomei, current ” home appliance section ” change focusing modes of life and relation to their environment, intelligence is changed, the burgeoning home appliance that content couplet changes, distribute the professional service with complete lifecycle, serve the new product that shows market of c浦东kb类推荐urrent intelligence home appliance in the round, new technology, new technology, newly. Home appliance new idea consumes new trend to be in 30 years of in the past, deciding what the market consumes often is ma上海宝山区荤场ktvnufacturing business and shopkeeper. What does manufacturing business build, what does shopkeeper sell, what does consumer buy. And now, the change of the change of the times and 上海松江区kb2016consumer demand, need shopkeeper and manufacturing business more research consumer, commodity of and rather than. After content couplet net taxes can retail industry, consumer is right the demand of home appliance more diversity, it is with the person this ” zoology intelligence home appliance ” the requirement that can satisfy a family more. Meanwhile, buy home appliance to also be taken seriously by上海大洋马洗浴中心 consumer more from a series of services after carry out arriving before carry out. “Section of home appliance of intelligence of first organisms’ habi阿拉爱上海推油ts of Chongqing town, it is the deepness survey that we are based on counterpoise to celebrate market of city home appliance, citizen to consume demand, capture bureau type renewal when make thereby. ” Chen Yunlong of Chongqing country beautiful general manager is on the meeting s上海龙凤论坛 shlf1314ay, all the time since, domestic setting is the core of national beautiful attention. Future, chongqing country beauty plans to open 1-2 intelligent electron product experiences the 10 thousand large zoology of smooth rice center, ancient上海在哪里做水磨好 costume of adornment of spa阿拉爱上海北京验证区ce of ambry of clique of parallel car, Europe, annals state ambry, love, brother adornment, day is acted the role of, the Wei Yujie below the pine is provided, the whole house such as big gold, doctor



Recently, satisfaction of customer of Chinese standardization academy spends evaluation center to combine research center of company of Tsinghua university China, win the bid promoted limited company of qualitative science and technology to be released jointly satisfaction of customer of product of 11 kinds of home appliance spent findings 2018. GB/T 19038-2009 of this level of state of second investigation basis ” customer satisfaction evaluates model and methodological guideline ” , GB/Z 27907-2011 ” satisfaction of customer of 46851 quality management monitors and measure a guideline ” and GB/T 19039-2009 ” in general rule of customer satisfaction evaluati上海性价比最高的kb浦东kb类推荐on ” . Investigate 250 towns that limits visits 31 times for the whole nation, use the investigation means of phone and union of network investigation photograph, informa阿拉爱上海账号nt needs 50228 should be bought inside 3 years and had used home appliance product. Investigation content covers brand image, anticipate value of 46851 quality, perception quality, perception, satisfaction spends He Zhongcheng wait for 6 respects, involve a sex in all ten specific target such as loyalty of quality of reliability of valence comparing, product, service, customer. Investigation 夜上海论坛ye021industry includes water heater of freezer, air conditioning, washing machine, television, report, water heater burning gas, take cabinet of machine of lampbla上海靠谱的约群ck machine, kitchen burning gas, clean water, air purifier, disinfection in all product of 11 kinds of home appliance. One, satisfaction of product of 11 kinds of home appliance spends overall condition satisfaction of customer of product of 11 kinds of home appliance is spent if pursue,notch 1 is shown, among them, satisfaction of clean water machine is spent notch highest, for 81 minutes, light gas cooking stove and freezer take second place, air purifier, television notchs with water heater burning gas inferior. Graph 1: Satisfaction of cu静安铂尔曼酒店 桑拿stome干磨是什么服务现在r of product of 11 kinds of home appliance is spent notch 2, the 750 consumer attention to home appliance product focal brand image, expecting quality, perception quality and perceptive value is the main上海宝山spa价格表 factor that influence customer satisfaction spends, also be the focus that 750 consumer pay close attention to. The central issue that does not pay close attention to with consumer of product of category home appliance is endless and same. Among them, air conditioning, freezer, take cabinet of lampblack machine, water heater burning gas, report water heater, air purifier, disinfection these 7 kinds of products, the 嘉定哪里有spa按摩impact that brand image spends to satisfaction is the biggest, show consumer is in choose and buy or in use process, pay attention to the acknowledge to the brand more; In washing machine and industry of clean water machine, perceptive quality is satisfactory to its degree of impact is the biggest, show consumer pays close attention to the quality of product itself more; Television and industry of kitchen burning gas, anticipate quality is satisfactory to its degree of impact is the biggest, show consumer has taller psychology to anticipate to the product of these two industries. 3, each owner wants a brand to evaluate a result 1. The findings of 6 main brands is like freezer freezer industry the graph is shown 2 times. Among them, sea Er brand notchs highest, for 81 minutes, be the United States next, Xi Menzi He Xinfei, all be 80 minutes. From the point of2019上海最新夜上海论坛 the main index of investigation, sea Er is compared 上海闵行区昆阳大保健in price of brand image, sex and serve quality field, odds ratio is more apparent; The performance that Xi Menzi reachs field of contented demand level in product reliability is relatively outstanding; Beautiful criterion more dash forward dominance price is compared and serve quality. Graph 2: Freezer satisfaction spends findings 2. The findings of 6 main brands is like industry of air conditioning air conditioning the graph is shown 3 times. Among them, division force brand notchs highe上海水磨场子地址st, for 8上海私人水磨休闲中心1 minutes, be sea Er and beau2018年上海油压店严打ty next, for 79 minutes. From the point of the main index of 上海干磨会所2018investigation, division force is in field of level of brand image, contented demand, the advantage is clear; Sea Er is compared in sexual price, product reliability respect and service quality respect, performance is relatively outstanding. Graph 3: Air conditioning satisfaction spends findings 3. The findings of 6 main brands is like industry of washing machine washing machine the graph is shown 4 times. Among them, sea Er brand notchs highest, for 80 minutes, it is Xi Menzi and cygnet next, all be 78 minutes. From the point of the main index of investigation, sea Er is in each respect such as reliability of degree of brand image, contented demand, product and service quality all obtains consumer to be evaluated higher, satisfying dominant position of demand level field especially relatively apparent; Cygnet compares the expression of the respect to highlight in sexual price; Xi Menzi reachs a servi上海哪的干磨水磨好ce in product reliability



Hutch protects home appliance trademark dishwasher of health path cistern loves dishwasher to regard as by consumer enjoy model the person above average of home appliance, representing new-style and young life style. In Euramerican country, dishwasher is every kitchen mark that the home liberates both hands every is tasted. And be in China, dishwasher just just popularity rises. Nevertheless a lot of ” ship comes ” because dishwasher product cannot get used to the Chinese’s food to be used to, brought bad experience to experience to consumer. What kind of dishwasher gift is nicer habit of food of law court of the state in according with? Fit the dishwasher product that the Chinese uses truly to be designed, defend home appliance industry to get as Chinese hutch army the health path of the brand, the dietary habit of fami阿拉爱上海 会员验证区ly of China of research of with great concentration and cooking means, and after cooking clean need sue for peace to use a convention, combine modern kitchen concept, rolled out the cistern type dishwasher that designs for Chinese kitchen only thereby, better help is liberated in the people labor washing a bowl from high strenth come out. The longing that in the light of Chinese kitchen lampblack heavy, people lives to health, health path dishwasher points to continuously from design concept ” healthy ” 2 words, pay close attention to not only wash bowl of clean degree, still pay close attention阿拉爱上海同上海2020新茶城对对碰北京 to the stoving curb bacterium after be being washed, more expand to fruit vegetables to go farming incomplete, provide complete kitc上海奉贤荤场hen abluent ” healthy ” plan. Health path dishwasher, wash a bowl than the hand cleaner, go fruit v上海哪个按摩店不太正规egetables farming incom松江新城 桑拿会所plete is purified than fruit vegetables m上海油压店2018 shunfacomachine is professional still. Kangdao general dishwasher ” conceal ” at cistern in, make it闵行干磨300群s compatible any mesa, need not un上海419论坛 花千网dertake water changes report to revise the complex project such as ambry changing more, there should be cistern in the home only, with respect to can relaxed installation. This kind of design saved installation space greatly not only, more the aesthetic feeling that exalted a kitchen whole. In addition, health path dishwasher purifies cistern, dishwasher and fruit vegetables again machine松江敲大背 ” 3 body ” syncretic, one content is 夜上海论坛靠谱吗multi-purpose, satisfied an user to wash vegetables of bowl, use cistern, fruit to purify at the same time, receive a variety of demand such as bowl dish. To obtain compatriots of abluent to dishwasher effect approbate, health path dishwasher, achieved perfection likewise, talk with direct data. Through the saponification of scour reaction is decomposed smeary, add oily sterilization of dissolve of current of high temperature of on 70 ° , can make tableware surface besmirch falls off quickly not only, fast and clean, can exterminate the common bacteria such as coccus of coliform organisms, grape below high temperature action上海嘉定s炫水疗 at the same time, antiseptic rate is as high as 99.99% . The ternary catharsis pattern that Kang Daocai uses, free choice gentleness, standard, strengthen mode, cleared pesticide needs fruit vegetables 15 minutes only, ultrasonic purify pesticide remains, high freq上海会所扫黄结束了吗uency and supersonic + the physical kind purify that rapid velocity of flow washs 90% pesticide, let what family has be at ease. Clean a need every time 5.7 premium, 0.32 degrees of report, than the hand the chopst上海外卖私人工作室icks that wash a bowl is saved even! The health path dishwasher that is demand of truly design of Chinese kitchen research and development, contented consumer only, in it may be said of hutch cable market it is to love by consumer, satisfied the imagination that people lives to happiness not only, help its cast off onerous housework easily, emancipatory both hands enjoys the time after more meal, outstanding science and technology and function also broke dishwasher ” natural environment refuses to obey ” difficult pr上海肠道水疗哪里好oblem, will quicken dishwasher to be in of home market popularize tide, aid push dishwasher product to walk along an innumberable families.



We attended investment point near future the communication of 2018 year investor that beautiful group holds in Shenzhen is met, this is public grand meeting, numerous investor attends. We replace the issue that near future of few points investor cares. 1. How affect the United States about Sino-US trade war, business of the United States outside dividing KUKA is occupied 5% the left and right sides, so influential but the impact won’t be particularly big. 2. Begin sortie chip about the 奉贤南桥大型水疗会所person of the same trade, 上海qm体验报告beautiful there had been a few own intellectual properties in chip respect, can oneself are enclosed. The respect of frequency conversion air conditioning of core also has him doing. 3. Tear apart a circumstance about the o阿拉爱上海签到utstanding achievement first quarter, home market washing machine grows 20% first quarter, freezer growth exceeds 30% , air conditioning growth achieves 40% above, beautiful anticipation hutch cable business in future 23 quarters will continue to grow, motivation originates of the mark闵行吴泾kbet demand of 34 lines city and product structure adjust upgrade, beautiful 23 quarters will have taste newly roll out. 4阿拉爱上海同城交友对对碰. About the situation rising on the line, beautiful from last year four quarters begin on-line structure sex to adjust, this year first quarter, entire network whole promotes 60% above on the line, improvement of structure of 23 quarters product will be brought resume sexual growth, predict to add fast restore last year level of the corresponding period. 79% growth achieved beautifully during 51 holiday, prep above industry is added fast. Trade data: : Air conditioning sell first quarter fast add fast 14% , relatively the corresponding period dropped somewhat last year, but sale in domestic market is added fast 23% , still faster. Among them division force sale is added fast 18% ; Beautiful sale is added fast 8% ; Sea Er sale is added fast 31% . 1-2 month washing machine stabilizes growth, water heater is added fast driv嘉定spa特殊ing, freezer growth shows exhausted state. Washing machine platen is occupied than lasting promotion drives sales volume to stabilize growth; The trend that water heater lights heat to replace electric heat and solar ene北京 水磨拉丝服务rgy is clear; And freezer changes except convention besides, functional sex improvement is not clear, influence sales 阿拉爱上海新人验证浦东volume is added fast. We predi上海长宁男士spact later period or still continue such growth posture. Black report respect fast sale of before two months is added fast 24% , exit is added fast 42% have window, th上海夜场在哪里点公主e likelihood is the rise of short-term pulse type, have hard durative. Industry point of view: We are overall judge white this year report to suffer real estate to affect delay of growth general hasten, especially air conditioning is added fast compared to the same period or glide significantly; Small闵行南美水疗3楼有上海贵族宝贝花千坊什么玩的 home appliance will continue to maintain rapid growth, exit small home appliance is added tax detailed account by American commerce negative effect is bigger; Good year of sports of black report benefit f上海贵族宝贝2018rom benefit from can have the export sales volume of pul阿拉爱上海同城对对碰爱se type to rise, but cannot last; And hutch report suffers landed effect or continue bear pressure, short-term walk out of predicament hard. Investment proposal: Value home appliance industry to administer a structure the most perfect washing machine of the group that has the beauty that grows vigor most, cygnet, high end blocks Sa emperor to grow to be mixed quickly the sea Er electric equipment with large space of growth of sales volume of water heater burning gas. Risk clew: Risk of macroscopical economic fluctuation, estate squelchs risk □ . . The home. Far. / . Luo. Elegant. Plum. Promote. Course of study. Card. Certificate. . Po上海徐汇云睿酒店 spartion. Have. Be restricted. Fair. Department